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31 May 2017

K. Ajitha, eminent activist rendering talk on'International day of action for Women's health

 K. Ajitha, eminent women's rights activists  kicked off the International Day of Action for Women's Health 2017 at KIMS Cochin Hospital on Thursday, May 25th .


31 May 2017

'Basic Life Support' mock drill at Vytilla Mobility Hub on May 24th 2017


29 May 2017

Actress Parvathy Thiruvothu Inaugurated Nurses' Day celebrations at KIMS Kochi on 12th May 2017



18 May 2017

Joy of Hearing Found - A KIMS Kochi Success Story

 Cochlear Implantation Surgery in Both Ears

"It was only when John was around a year-old that we suspected his lack of hearing and our worst fears were confirmed at a neighborhood childcare clinic. Since 2014, we consulted a number of doctors regarding his loss of hearing in both his ears, but felt that Dr. Pramod Chirakkal at KIMS Hospital offered the most reassuring advice and the lowest charges for the procedure. The money for the procedure was raised from multiple sources with the help of mainstream media and the implantation was done in 2016. We will forever remain indebted to Dr. Pramod Chirakkal and his team at KIMS Kochi for their excellent advice, outstanding care and superb service. Thank you!" Sunitha & Sunil, Kerala.(Parents of John Paul)


In October 2016, Dr. Pramod Chirakkal, ENT Surgeon assisted by Dr. Rajeev anesthesiologist, successfully conducted a 6-hour long bilateral cochlear implant surgery on 3-year-old John Paul from Mulamthuruthi, who was suffering from severe congenital hearing loss in both his ears.


A cochlear implant is an electronic system that stimulates the nerve of hearing in the cochlear. It can give a sensation of sound to profoundly deaf children who have been unable to hear even when using the most powerful hearing aids available. This imported device is made up of several pieces of equipment, which work together to provide the sensation of hearing. The microphone clips into the ear and picks up sound which is converted into an electrical signal in the speech processor. The success of the procedure can only be fully determined over a 3-month period.


Once discharged, John continued with speech therapy, and over a 6-month period, started speaking clearly having regained 100% hearing and is able to lead a normal life today, with his joyous parents Sunitha and Sunil. He is all set to start school at the age of 5 like any normal child his age.

08 Apr 2017

Patient Stories- John Macrae

 Patient Stories

 "Amazing ambiance, a distinct and monumental exemplar of hospitality. Lovely staff as well as extremely good speed of response. The surgery conducted and ICU care were much appreciated and positively assisting. All updates were given accurately and timely. There was adequate clarity between NHS and KIMS and the Insurance Company involved. Thank you." John Macrae, 73, Devon UK

While on holiday and staying at the Kochi Marriott Hotel, Mr. Macrae, was rushed into the Causality Room with severe signs of acute pain and discomfort. Our Emergency Medical Team on 24-hour standby conducted multiple diagnostic tests and CT scans, which revealed that he was suffering from acute intestinal obstruction. After deliberating on the criticality of the patient's condition.  Dr. Bejoy Abraham, Head of Surgical Gastroenterology, recommended immediate surgery. 
At first, Macrae and his wife Elaine were reluctant of getting the procedure done out of unfounded apprehensions of undergoing a major surgical procedure in a foreign country where they were not even sure if their medical insurance claims would be applicable. However, once Dr. Bejoy Abraham and his team patiently explained the entire process including the pros and cons of the procedure and impressed upon them the urgency, they reluctantly agreed to undergo the surgery especially once it finally dawned on them that the only alternative was an emergency evacuation by Air Ambulance to the UK.
Within 24 hours of surgery, Mr. Macrae regained consciousness and was quickly on his way to full recovery. In the meantime, KIMS contacted the National Health Service in the UK and had his insurance claims approved. A week later, all smiles while joyfully expressing their sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the quality of care they had received, the Macraes left the hospital together once again as an elated couple. 
It is these expressions of delight by our patients that very often not only make us proud of our achievements but also gently reminds us of the magnitude of our responsibilities and the importance of effective communication and teamwork in delivering high quality, safe patient care.
Tender Loving Care Is Our Hallmark

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