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17 Mar 2017

Diabetic Eye Camp on March 18th

 Free Diabetic Eye Camp at KIMS Cochin on 18th March 2017 from 9am to 1 pm. For more details contact        8138909271.

15 Mar 2017


Dear Dr. Sahadulla,

Hope this note finds you well. As a quick introduction, my name is Dilip
Vijay and I currently reside in the US employed at Broadcom Ltd in
Silicon Valley.
Recently, my father, Mr. Vijayan (78 yrs. old), underwent a very
successful surgery at KIMS Hospital in Kochi to remove cancer in his lungs.
The surgery was conducted by Dr. Nasser Yusuf and supported by his expert
medical staff Dr. Rajeev (anesthesiologist), Mr. Vineeth (physiotherapist)
and Dr. Shine (pulmonologist).  Despite our apprehensions regarding the
disease and surgery, especially given my father’s age, we are extremely
surprised and elated by how well he is recovering from the surgery.
My father, my family and I owe this remarkable recovery to the surgery,
care and treatment provided by your hospital Staff led by Dr. Nasser Yusuf.
Dr. Yusuf was recommended to us for this surgery by Dr. Gangadharan
(Oncologist, Kochi) as we first discovered the disease. To be honest with
you, given that my dad is a US citizen, we had to contemplate hard on
whether getting the surgery done in US versus KIMS Hospital in Kochi was
the right decision. Fortunately, the decision became easy for us right
after our first meeting with Dr. Nasser. As opposed to similar surgeons we
had consulted in the US, Dr. Nasser was upfront, transparent, thorough and
deliberate in giving us the background of the disease, the surgical
procedure itself and what to expect during the recovery. We immediately
realized that we are not only in expert hands but also with someone who
really is passionate about what he does and cares deeply about his
patients. As we researched more about the minimally invasive surgical
procedure that Dr. Nasser performed on my dad, we came to realize how
complicated it was to conduct it on a 78 yr. patient with a history of
heart disease. Only a brilliant a surgeon like Dr. Nasser could pull this
off with absolutely no complications. We are forever thankful to the
almighty for leading us to Dr. Nasser.
We also realize that such complicated surgeries cannot be pulled off
without a team effort. We are equally impressed by the team of doctors, Dr.
Rajeev, Dr. Vineeth and Dr. Shine, that Dr. Nasser had organized to conduct
the surgery. Their professionalism and expertise is just unmatched. Dr.
Rajeev, in particular, went out of his way to explain the procedure in
detail to us, clarified any and all questions we had and helped us quell a
great deal anxiety we had leading up to the surgery.
In many ways, one of our biggest concerns was how well my father would cope
and recover in the post-surgical phase and this is where your fantastic
team of nursing Staff led by Sijo Thomas stepped in. As a benchmark, I have
personally witnessed the support that is typically provided to patients in
the post-surgical phase on many occasions in both US and India for various
family members and friends who were hospitalized. With no exaggeration, the
support provided by your nursing Staff was beyond world class. We couldn’t
be more impressed by their extraordinary dedication and commitment. Sijo,
in particular, is a jewel in your crown. He would visit my dad at least 5
times a day during the recovery period, would address all of my father’s
questions and concerns and always followed through on his needs. For a
young man, he displays an amazing maturity and tact in dealing with his
patients. He was in large part responsible for helping my dad cope with the
pain and emotional distress that a patient faces during the recovery
period. The nursing Staff on the 8th floor of the hospital was equally
attentive and responsive to all our needs.
On occasions, we hear, read and experience how hospital treatments have
become economic and transactional in many ways. But our experience at KIMS
has defied any such notions – we found in KIMS a great hospital, that has
brilliant doctors and strong supporting staff who care for their patients,
are passionate about the service they provide and take pride in the
recovery of their patients. My father, family and I couldn’t be happier
with our decision to seek treatment at KIMS.
We hope that other patients in similar need can benefit from the treatment
and care similar to what that my dad received from KIMS. Upon returning the
US, we have already embarked on marketing Dr. Nasser as well as your
hospital for anyone who may need such care. Please let us know if there is
anything else we can do to promote your hospital’s capability and cause.
Dr. Nasser, his team of Doctors and his nursing Staff will forever be
etched in our hearts.
Thank you,
Dilip Vijay
San Jose, CA


04 Mar 2017

Women's week Inauguration at KIMS Cochin

16 Feb 2017

VERTIGO Camp - Call 8138909271 for registration


31 Jan 2017

Dr. Jose Thomas Pappanacherry elected to Orthopedic Association of South Indian States

We proudly announce that our Medical Director and chief Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jose Thomas Pappanacherry has been elected to the executive committee of Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States (OASIS)  by the members of Kerala orthopaedic Association


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