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16 Feb 2017

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31 Jan 2017

Dr. Jose Thomas Pappanacherry elected to Orthopedic Association of South Indian States

We proudly announce that our Medical Director and chief Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jose Thomas Pappanacherry has been elected to the executive committee of Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States (OASIS)  by the members of Kerala orthopaedic Association


03 Dec 2016

Remarkable Recovery For Renjith

Remarkable Recovery for Renjith.

Renjith Jose , an employee of HIL, who suffered from forty percent burns following a work site injury, recovered from the disastrous effects of the fire at KIMS Cochin. At one point of time, Renjith showed signs of developing post burns contracture which is the tightening of skin ultimately restricting movement, says Dr. Satish Prabhu. Although the signs existed, Renjith recovered within a months time with no residual disability.

Initially, Mr. Renjith was noncooperative to physical therapy due to pain , says Vineeth Venugopal, Physiotherapist. The physiotherapy team took a passive approach where physical therapy was administered along with the analgesics in a progressive manner. Within a span of  20 days , he accomplished independency in his activities of daily living . We had to, at times push him to his limits, says the Care team. Post modern hands-on techniques were used in a tailored and customized manner to achieve such a result

18 Nov 2016



The impossible made possible for Manik Ali
For 62 year old Manik Ali, who hails from Maldives, the hospital had become his home for the past 2 years. During these couple of years, Manik Ali used to be extremely breathless and could barely walk a few steps without gasping. He had been rushed to the hospital over a dozen times within this short span. Of these hospital stays, at least 10 of them have been in the ICU with his breathing being supported by the ventilator. Manik Ali had frequent lung infections and very low oxygen levels.
Manik Ali walked out of KIMS Cochin on 10th October, 2016, as a completely different man – he was no longer breathless and had normal oxygen levels. He no longer had the fear of getting readmitted to hospitals. The change in Manik Ali’s life was made possible through a highly skilled surgery performed by renowned Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Nasser Yusuf at KIMS Cochin.
Back at Maldives, Mr. Manik Ali is a wealthy business man engaged in marine export. His success today, is owing to years of toiling and hard physical work. Being exposed to the strain from the vagaries of the weather and the sea, he began smoking 20 cigarettes a day even at a very young age. He was thus prone to getting repeated chest infections requiring multiple courses of antibiotics. As a long-term effect of these habits, his lungs gradually became weak and two thirds of his left lung was destroyed. His lung condition was diagnosed as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) with Bronchiectasis of the left lung. COPD is a condition where the lung becomes weak with increasing age and is most commonly caused by smoking as well as by pollution or chemical exposure. Bronchiectasis is destruction of the lung leading to sacs of pus.
Manik Ali’s lung condition caused continuous cough along with thick, foul smelling and greenish yellow sputum. His oxygen levels which were already low (92%) would further plunge to 68% on mild exertion. (Normal Oxygen levels being 96% and more).  
In addition to his serious lung problem, Manik Ali also had Jaundice (due to Hepataitis B infection), high Blood Pressure, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (sleep disorder), Varicose Veins, increased Cholesterol levels and was grossly obese. He sought advice from various prestigious institutions across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other parts of India
Although he was on maximum medication by specialists from various centers, he did not experience much relief. He was told that surgery for his left lung would be the best option for him but he was denied surgery everywhere as this carried a very high risk because of his very poor lung function and his other illnesses. Manik Ali then consulted Dr. Nasser Yusuf at KIMS Cochin for advice on the surgery. On the basis of detailed investigations and the expert opinion of other specialists, the proposed surgery with its most dreaded complications was explained to Manik Ali and his family. The plan was to remove 70% of Manik Ali’s left lung, for which his lung function had to be 1700 ml (FEV1), but his was 760 ml (less than half of the recommended). In his desire to live a better quality of life, Manik Ali decided to undergo this risky and very difficult surgery. 
Manik Ali was wheeled in for surgery on the 26th September, 2016. He was taken off the ventilator immediately after and began walking the very next day. The removal of that part of his lung which was not contributing to his breathing but instead was a source of infection, had miraculous results. Over the next few days, he recovered very well and his oxygen levels became normal (98%). He was able to climb 4 floors without feeling breathless. He was discharged on the 14th day after surgery.
The operation which lasted for 6 hours requiring 4 bottles of blood made it possible for Manik Ali to lead as normal a life as the next person, without the fear of returning to the ICU. The expertise and skill of Dr. Nasser Yusuf made the impossible become possible for Manik Ali.
Members of the expert team at KIMS Cochin include Dr.Rajeev K. Warrier, Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr.Paramez A R and Dr.Shine Shukoor, Consultants – Pulmonology and Mr. Sijo, Nurse and patient counsellor. 

19 Nov 2016

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camp on Nov 20th

 Free Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camp at KIMS Cochin on Nov 20th from 9am to 1pm. Register Now. Call 8138909271

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