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Department of Rheumatology

Rheumatology deals with autoimmune diseases that are caused by self damage of tissue by the defense mechanism of the body called the immune system. It can involve any age and both sexes though more common in females. Several conditions are life threatening, mobility threatening or cosmetically threatening. If detected early and properly treated, definite control of damage is possible. Like diabetes and high blood pressure, these require long term medications. The drugs are powerful medications that have to be taken under supervision. Also, Rheumatology is one of the most rapidly expanding filed of Medicine and proper diagnosis and early treatment can change the person’s life.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition caused by autoimmune damage to the joints of the arms, hands, legs and neck.
  • Other organs like skin, eyes and lungs may also be affected.
  • Clinical symptoms are pain, swelling and stiffness of joints.
  • Blood tests like RF, Anti CCP and imaging like X – Ray of joints help in diagnosis
  • Disease modifying medications when used properly and maintained long term prevents deformities.

Spondylo Arthropathy

  • Arthritis that mainly cause pain, inflammation of the spine and the joints of arms and legs.
  • Presents as stiffness of back, joint pain and swelling
  • X-ray , MRI imaging of the spine , joints and blood tests like HLA B 27  help in the diagnosis
  • Early detection and treatment helps control of disease and stooping deformity

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

  • Presents in children with less than 16 years of age as joint pain, swelling, fever and internal organ involvement.
  • Diagnosis by blood tests like RF, ANA, imaging of joints and assessment of organ involvement
  • Management with disease modifying drugs help disease control and prevent deformities

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

  • Seen mostly in young girls affecting skin, joint, kidney, brain and other organs
  • Symptoms of skin rash, joint swelling , hair loss, sensitivity to sunlight , joint pain and swelling
  • Blood tests like ANA , Anti dsDNA help in diagnosis
  • Early effective use of disease modifying agents and maintenance helps good control of damage

Systemic Sclerosis

  • Disease that affects the skin, blood vessels, lungs and heart
  • Symptoms are tightening of the skin, difficulty in opening mouth , color change of hands on exposure to cold, swallowing, breathing difficulties
  • Blood tests like Anti Scl70, Anticentromere and skin biopsy, help in diagnosis
  • Disease modifying drugs modify disease and control internal organ damage.


  • Inflammation involving blood vessels
  • Large size blood vessel involvement cause giddiness, loss of consciousness, vision disturbances,pain of the limbs after exertion, chest pain and breathing difficulty.
  • Medium size vessel inflammation can damage internal organs like kidneys and bowel.
  • Small size blood vessel damage presents as skin rash, redness of eye, joint pain
  • Tissue biopsy, imaging of vessel and organ assessment help diagnosis.

Crystal Arthropathy (Gout)

  • Metabolic disease causing high uric acid in blood can affect the joints, skin and kidneys.
  • Symptoms are skin swelling, joint pain and swelling along with kidney involvement in the form of stones and organ dysfunction
  • Blood tests help confirm uric acid and imaging shows joint damage
  • Effective control of uric acid and joint care prevents long term complications.

Our Department Offers

  • Complete clinical evaluation including antibody workup, tissue diagnosis and imaging
  • Initiation and follow up of patients with both non biologic and biologic disease modifying medications
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic joint aspiration and intraarticular injections.
  • Individualized physiotherapy
  • Advanced biologic therapy

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