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KIMS Hospital, Pathadipalam, Changampuzha Nagar Post, Edappally, Cochin - 682033

Physical Therapy is concerned with helping people improve their physical function, relieve /control pain and prevent further disability. Physical Therapists at KIMS work on improving your quality of life through evidence-based physical therapy practice. We use physical agents (eg. heat, ice), electrical modalities (eg. ultrasound, laser), variety of manual (hands-on) techniques and exercises to relieve pain and optimize your function. The department is equipped with most modern diagnostic and treatment equipments. We have efficient and qualified Physical Therapists from different specialties whose service is available for both outpatients and inpatients from 7am to 7pm, except Sunday. On Sundays inpatients are seen as usual and outpatients on appointment basis.

Areas we deal with:-

  • Musculoskeletal / Orthopaedics
  • Neurological disorders
  • Cardio Pulmonary disorders
  • Hand physiotherapy
  • Sports and fitness
  • Paediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Burns
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Palliative care

Unique Physical therapy Packages:-

Fitness Package: We at KIMS provide tailor made fitness programme for weight loss/ weight gain for all age groups.

Antenatal & Postnatal Package: Our team of Gynaecologists and trained Female Physical therapists help you learn exercises those are safe and energy conserving,  improving your posture, body awareness and sense of wellbeing; and also awareness on dos & don’ts during pregnancy period.

Geriatric Rehabilitation Package: We at KIMS help Senior citizens restore morale in patients long resigned to invalidism, to make them want to live socially, to make them useful to themselves and others and to improve their physical condition.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Package: Our team of Pulmonologist, Pulmonary Physiotherapist, Respiratory therapist and dieticians aims to reduce symptoms, decrease disability, increase participation in physical and social activities, and improve the overall quality of life for patients with chronic respiratory disease.

Prophylatic Diabetic Package: We at KIMS teach exercises & preventive measures for long term diabetic patients.

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